Twemlow Parish 

In the heart of Rural Cheshire

Twemlow Parish Planning

Twemlow Parish Council are consulted on every planning application within their Parish and close to their border. Each member comments and reviews and the majority decision is submitted to Cheshire East for consideration. They have the opportunity to write to the planning inspector when an application is taken to appeal after a refusal by Cheshire East. The larger applications are decided at the Strategic Planning Committee or the Northern or Southern Planning Boards where the Parish Council can attend and are given 3 minutes to speak either in support or against the application. If you have any concerns or issues with any applications in our area please let us know.

Planning Applications and Decisions

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Planning committees


All applications registered by Cheshire East since 2009 can be found by clicking HERE  and using the search function;

If you are concerned about any of the planning applications that are submitted, please contact Cheshire East Council, Planning Department and outline the nature of your objection.  Cheshire East Council must consider by law the following when making decisions on planning applications;

1.   Cheshire East development policy
2.   Government legislation and guidance
3.   Development boundaries
4.   Siting
5.   Design/size
6.   Compatability to the street scene
8.   Effect on neighbouring properties amenities and privacy
9.   Appropriateness of use re local area
10.  Effect on highway safety and parking
11.  Landscape
12.  Listed buildings
13.  Conservation areas
14.  Flooding
15.  Rights of way
16.  Planning history
17.  Ecology bats, badgers, newts
18.  Land contamination
Any other matters are considered non-relevant in terms of planning law even if they are highly relevant to you personally.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England has a guide on "How to respond to planning applications"  

If you would like to bring any matters to the notice of the Parish Council please contact the Parish Clerk, Victoria Marchant